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Call Curt Now: 972-644-0285 curt @ expert document Expert Document Examiner Case Histories Clients have used our services in such legal situations as: A lawyer asked us to supply a written letter of opinion that a check was actually… Continue Reading →

Plaintiff Drops All Claims

Date: Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 5:10 PM Subject: Re: To Atty. Robert Moll / RE: Case Settled, From Curt Baggett’s Office To: Curt Baggett’s Office of Forensic Document Examination Dear Patty and Curt: The Plaintiffs dropped all their claims… Continue Reading →

American Handwriting Expert Curt Baggett Solves Age Old Case of Indian Guru’s true identity.

Curt Baggett, considered one of America’s leading forensic handwriting expert landed on the front page of the Times of India (4/25/19) with the identification of a mysterious man named Netaji who spent years as the Guru known as Gumnami Baba.

Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiner

Curt Baggett is court qualified and certified by the American Institute of Applied Science and the American Bureau of Document Examiners. Curt has examined documents and/or testified in every state in the USA and over a dozen countries. He has… Continue Reading →

Curt Baggett on CNN

Curt Baggett on along with the Daily Show commentary. CNN news asks about new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s signature. What does your handwriting tell everyone about YOU?   Jack Lew makes daily show. Curt Baggett makes CNN hosts laugh.

Client Reviews & Legal Testimonials

Curt Baggett Goes the Extra Mile Wanted to let you know … I spoke to my Tax Attorney earlier today and he reiterated that the IRS Revenue Officer was further persuaded in his decision to grant the separation of my… Continue Reading →


THE FIRST FUNDAMENTAL STEP – PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE The mystique of power, presence, and control has long fascinated business professionals.  It is an intangible quality that can produce extremely tangible results.  In business, we want others immediately to recognize our presence… Continue Reading →

Curt Baggett – Ethics, Integrity, and Truth!

  This is an old document we found that he wrote in 2007! Click the link below for more information about Curt Baggett’s Ethics as a Qualified Document Examiner and Expert Witness. We appreciate your time! Bye Now, Curt Baggett… Continue Reading →

Information about Cursive Writing

Listen to the MP3s below for more information from Curt Baggett about Cursive Handwriting: CURSIVE WRITING 1 CURSIVE WRITING 2 CURSIVE WRITING 3 (If you need access to an MP3 player please go here:


When I started almost thirty years ago teaching and training individuals about how to become handwriting and document examiner experts I quickly realized that one could learn everything about analyzing, comparing, evaluating, peer reviewing, and testifying and still be a… Continue Reading →

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